Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We aim to provide affordable quality education, while equipping students with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream, inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential and thus shape them into future leaders, entrepreneurs and above all good human beings. ‘വെളിച്ചം വിജ്‍ഞാനം വിമോചനം ‘.We intend that all students should enjoy their learning, achieve their potential and become independent
life-long learners.

The mission of the College is to cultivate within its students the wisdom and virtue necessary to discover and fulfil their potential and contribute to a flourishing and free society. We are dedicated to preparing young men to make a positive difference in their world. By fostering their intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional development, the school seeks to inspire and motivate them to: strive for excellence; seek truth; live honourably; act responsibly; and help others.We develop the unique intellect, talents, and character of each student in a community dedicated to academic excellence, personal responsibility, and service to others.